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India's Largest Dev Bootcamp.

< We make you hireable in 12 weeks. />

// Because we have mastered the art of writing beautiful code.

What we teach!

Front End Development

Duration: 3 Months
HTML CSS LESS Javascript Angular JS Bootstrap Jquery Git

Be a pro at Frontend technologies by learning HTML, CSS and Bootstrap while plunging into the depths of Javascript by learning jQuery. You also get to learn LESS and Git while mastering AngularJS hands-on. Along with this, you also get to grasp Agile methodologies.


Back End Development

Duration: 3 Months
Java Springs APi Database HTML CSS Git

With our program, you learn to manage your data and learn how to script them, while providing comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java applications using Spring. Along with this, we teach you JAVA too. You can go rule the world now.


Full Stack Development

Duration: 6 Months
Java Springs APi Database HTML CSS LESS Javascript Angular JS Bootstrap Jquery Git

Different technologies. An intensive 12-Week dev bootcamp. Experience it all at iCanCode.

What Makes Us Different?

Collaborate and Code

Grab a cup of coffee and sit with your peer or mentor to collaborate on an app or idea you’re working on.

Epic Internships

One of the coolest things we offer you are much-coveted internships at the most potential startups in the city. Brace yourselves for the time of your life!

24/7 Infrastructure

Our lab is open for you throughout the year, all around the clock. So, if there are days when you have to burn some midnight oil to accomplish your tasks, the lab is your oyster.

Capstone Project

Pick a project on your choice, build an app that you've always dreamed of. Just one project to flaunt your learning!

Exclusive Skill-profile

In an era where resumes have turned passé, a dedicated online profile that talks about your achievements and skills wins the glory. Our Coding Labs does that for you.

Demo Day

This is the finale at iCanCode where you pitch yourself to your potential employers and organizations. We call this the most defining day of your life at our bootcamp.